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Thank you to the ARA EC, volunteers and staff

“Alone we cannot address the problems and opportunities our Industry has before it; but together we can!”

By Herb Lieberman

To those who step up to serve ARA members, potential members, and our industry - THANK YOU!

Thank you for your conviction and for putting aside your regular day's work to serve. Thank you for your compassion and dedication. Thank you for realizing the need and serving. Thank you for using your expertise, talents and knowledge to improve our industry. Thank You for knowing the experiences you will have and the people you will meet will be an opportunity to make you an even better leader and mentor in our industry. Thank You for the inspiration you bring. As you travel in this country and other nations, thank you for helping to educate and inform industry associations and individuals. Thank you for informing legislators and others who govern and who affect our industry's various functions.

Dedicated volunteers

ARA was founded seventy years ago by dedicated industry volunteers just like you. They had a passion to share with our industry and saw its potential. Volunteers on the ARA EC and its Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are the heartbeat of our industry. They are fueled by a loyal and dedicated ARA staff. I am positive others in our industry who are informed are also thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for your selflessness, courage and dedication to ARA and our industry.

I've had the opportunity to serve ARA in many capacities since becoming a member in 1957. I valued each and every opportunity to grow with ARA. Becoming ARA President was an honor I shall never forget. The dividends of being an active member of ARA have far exceeded the investment in every possible way.

My hope is that all who volunteer and give of themselves for the benefit of our industry will prosper as I have. And I hope that future ARA volunteers will see the advantages in the opportunity to serve ARA, its members and our industry.

ARA’s Anniversary

As ARA celebrates its 70th anniversary, I hope you will take the time to shake the hands of the members of the ARA EC, Boards of Directors, Committee Chairs and Staff. I hope you will thank them – as I do. Without them we would be less than we are in our industry.

Until next time I wish you all the best in Auto Dismantling, Parts Recycling and Beyond….

Herb Lieberman

Herb Lieberman

Herb Lieberman

Herb has been active in the Auto Recycling Industry since 1957, and is known for many “firsts”. He was first to offer warranties on parts and labor, first to build a modern ware-house, office and customer service facility, and first to move his company to a five-day work week. In 1999 his family business became part of the LKQ Organization and in 2019, Herb retired from LKQ. Herb remains active in the industry, as an ARA Past President and Life time member. Yes, Herb is “Retired, NOT Expired” and desires to continue to bring value to the Industry, via ARA and the Recyclers ToolBox. You can reach him by email: