Auto Recyclers Toolbox
A Tradeshow in Print

About the Toolbox

Why the ToolBox?

What’s in the ToolBox Magazine?

The Auto Recycler’s ToolBox Magazine is the “Auto Recycler Trade Show in Print.”®

The ToolBox does double duty…

  • First — Every edition of the ToolBox Magazine delivers the 'Automotive Recycler Trade Show Experience’ to those who do not attend industry events & trade shows.

  • Secondly — The ToolBox Magazine reinforces the ‘Automotive Recycler Trade Show Experience’ for those who do attend industry events & trade shows.


Educational and instructional “how to articles”are written by auto recycler professionals, industry leaders and trade show speakers. They gladly and passionately “give away the farm” each time they write. They bring that same trade-show event enthusiasm, instruction and know-how to the written page in the form of instructive “how-to” articles. We are very fortunate to have former Automotive Recycler Association (ARA) presidents and many other industry experts as regular authors. You will also find industry related news, announcements and information about critical industry related legislative issues.


The same companies who exhibit their products and services at industry events and trade shows are present in the ToolBox. You will find the latest industry related services, software programs, computers & high tech products, top industry consultants, yard tools, equipment and machinery, to help you run your successful auto recycling business.


The short answer is: most salvage yard owners don’t attend industry events and trade shows and most owners aren’t computerized. Most don’t receive industry information electronically. The Auto Recycler’s ToolBox Magazine® is a way to reach these salvage yard owners who are out of touch. It can give them an industry trade-show-like experience and give them industry related information and information about products and services.

The 80/20 business rule

Let me explain. It’s the old 80/20 business rule at work. This applies to auto recycler industry events and trade-show attendance. The 80/20 rule predicts that only 20% of an industry's business owners will attend industry events and trade shows. If you look at the attendance numbers to most events in the auto recycling industry, this percentage number rings true. It means that a whopping 80% or more of the industry misses them! It isn’t that they don’t want to attend, they would probably like to if they could.

Most simply cannot attend shows for one good reason or another. Some small business owners just don’t have the money to attend. Some are in critical positions in their business and have no one in place to do the work if they were gone even for a few days.

Also, according to a study by the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), only 40% of auto recycler companies are computerized! That means that an astonishing 60% are not computerized! So to reach these industry people you must call them on the phone or you must mail something to them. You will not reach them electronically or at industry events or trade shows.

These absent salvage yard owners need and use auto recycler products and services and they do respond to printed advertising that’s sent to them.

Recycler trade show placed in their hands!

So, I created the “Auto Recycler Trade Show in Print”, which is the Auto Recycler's ToolBox Magazine. It includes all the essentials of an auto recycler trade show; it has “conference speakers” (the same folks who speak at the shows write our how-to articles). It has “auto recycler-related products and services”

The same folks who exhibit at the trade shows are present in the magazine. It has important industry news and critical need-to-know information such as what’s happening with environmental rules, NMVTIS, recalled parts, and critical industry related legislative issues, for example.

We continually hear from folks who say they read the ToolBox from cover to cover as soon as it arrives. They say they order the products and services they find in it, too. Even though they can’t attend trade shows they still need and use the same things as those who do.

So, because of the above, I make sure all authors have something valuable to say that will inform, educate, or instruct the auto recycler who can't attend trade shows - and even those who do attend.

We are very fortunate to have a number of former ARA presidents and many other industry experts as regular authors. They gladly, and passionately “give away the farm” each time they write. 


We deliver the Automotive Recycler Trade Show Experience to those who do not attend industry events and trade shows. We also reinforce the automotive trade show experience for those who do attend them.

We accomplish our mission by being current, educational and instructional. Each edition of the Auto Recycler’s ToolBox Magazine Includes the following:

  • Educational and instructional “how-to” articles written by top industry professionals, leaders & trade show speakers.

  • Information from providers of industry related products and service you typically see at industry events and trade shows.


1. You get your products and services mailed to the entire auto recycling industry. Every edition is mailed free to all auto recycling companies located in both the USA and Canada.

2. Periodically it’s mailed to other countries around the world such as Australia, for instance. This is an easy way for you to “test the marketing waters world-wide”.

3. An electronic version with turning pages is emailed out to a world-wide opt-in email list of Auto Recyclers. This is sent out a week or two prior to the published mail date.

4. Free hot-links are added to the electronic version to advertiser’s website, email address, and/or YouTube videos.

5. The ToolBox is distributed free at a number Industry conferences and trade shows. Some shows place one in every attendee's goody bag. The magazine reaches key decision makers.

6. If you are a trade show marketer already this is a way for you to strengthen your trade show appearance. Use it to invite people to stop by and visit you at your exhibit booth. It is also a way to extend your trade show experience beyond the show.